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I am a husband to a clearly beautiful wife; a father to three beautiful girls; an owner of a lightning bolt of a dog (Cooper), a soft rabbit (Theo), and two faithful egg-laying ducks (Snowdrop and Lollipop).

I have served in church leadership many times.

I have taught Freshman English.

I have published two books with many more coming.

I run a podcast helping men be better men, like Jesus.

I have been tutoring and teaching the SAT for 10 years, helping dozens of students significantly, and drastically, increase their SAT scores.

I scored a 1340 on the SAT in high school with no training other than a book.

I accidentally scored a 1550 when I was interviewing for a job at a tutoring center. I told them I couldn’t tutor SAT math, and I ended up getting an 800 on the math and a 750 on the reading…thereby proving myself wrong 🙂

In high school I graduated with a 4.0+ GPA

I passed five AP tests: Lit, Calc, European History, US History, and Govt/Econ

I scored 5, 5, 4, 4, and 3, respectively.

I graduated cum laude from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.


I have two slightly different colored eyes.


I have many success stories–from school officials, from parents, and from students–which you can see here.


MY STORY: How I Began, and How I Developed a Heart to See Students THRIVE

I started tutoring over 10 years ago…by accident. I had a full time job that I was working while also going to seminary in New York state, and it wasn’t enough to support my fledgling family.

So I, at the encouragement of my wife who had always said that I would be an excellent tutor, applied at a local tutoring center.

They had me take a practice SAT test, and I got a perfect 800 on the math and a 750 on the verbal! I was more surprised than anyone!

Needless to say, they were more than happy to have me. But as time went on, I became frustrated. Frustrated at the “student mill” vibe of fitting as many kids in as quickly as possible and pumping out high SAT scores.

These kids needed more than that. They needed mentoring. They needed time that wasn’t rushed. They needed confidence and self-worth and an identity beyond simply their GPA or their SAT and ACT scores.

They needed to know that they mattered and that they were created to change the world and push back darkness.

So I began working for myself so that I could better leave that kind of lasting legacy in the lives of each of my students.

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of students rescue their Precalculus and English and Spanish grades. I’ve helped hundreds skyrocket their ACT and SAT scores. And I’ve helped dozens craft poweful and life-changing college essays that help usher them in to the next stage of their future.

I consider my work a success if and ONLY if two things happen:

1) Grades and scores and academic skills improve.
2) The students inner life–their emotions, beliefs, and mindsets–begin to get healthy, and they see themselves according to their created value, knowing that God has given them a purpose and they are uniquely designed to pursue it.


Equip your student to stop living as a victim of their circumstances, of what other people think of them, of the obstacles facing them, and of whether or not their future pans out in front of them.

Too many high schoolers are pushed and prodded to reach higher, strive harder, perform better…all while their inner world is crumbling beneath the weight.

In this book, I take college-bound high schoolers who are in the test prep and college entrance world…

I take them on a journey of discovering who they truly are and how God ACTUALLY sees them.

I teach them to become truly unstoppable no matter what obstacles stand in front of them.

And I train them to take their SAT and ACT tests from a position of Conqueror, not victim.


This book is written primarily to Christian men who feel stuck and weak in their lives. 

We face a problem in our day of a generation of Christian men who don’t know what it truly means to be a man. A masculine son of the Father who carries his image and the potent power and authority of heaven inside of him.

These men have lost what it means to live unleashed and passionate. They’ve become weak nice guys who focus more on being polite and not rocking the boat than they do on being confident, assertive, fierce.

Men who’ve read this book report levels of confidence they’ve never known, healed and passionate marriage that was once on the brink, and a renewed ability to hear the voice of the Spirit leading them through their lives.


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