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More than standard


Jesus and College Entrance tests?

With More Than Standard, high schoolers who are facing the overwhelming pressure of academic performance come face to face with Jesus, as they become “more than conquerors…”

“This book is completely unique among SAT preparation books. Its title is a play on words implying that standardized tests do not measure who a student really is. Each student is more than standard – they are unique and gifted individuals…The book deals with “first things first”: the inner spiritual, mental, and emotional health of students…As a high school English teacher who encounters stressed students each day, I highly recommend this book.”

“You want your student to perform well on the SAT and standardized tests? Buy this book.
You want your student to perform well in higher education? Buy this book.
You want your student to perform well in life as an adult? BUY THIS BOOK!”

“Most Enouraging book I’ve ever read! This book was awesome, and had a great message that is super encouraging! As a teen dealing with the stress of the SAT myself, this book really allowed me to sort through my doubts as a student, and focus on the positive, and my self worth.”

“As a mother of 2 high school graduates and a senior this year, this book articulates a critical message that kids need to hear! The stress to perform can crush hearts, imprison hopes and bring crippling fear…
I want to shout Matt’s words from the rooftops… but for now, I will speak them over every young person I know… over and over until they know they are mire than a test score!”

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