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What You get when you work with me

In case you couldn’t already tell, More Than Standard is not an ordinary tutoring service. In fact I don’t even consider myself a tutor, necessarily, because the term entails so much school meaning and not enough heart meaning. And I only ever work with students from an inside-out, heart-level perspective. I never focus solely on grades, test scores, or polished essays.

In my experience, this beautifully leads to better all-around academic performance. I get calls from parents saying, “I don’t know what you’ve been saying, but my son is more confident since working with you. He never could have gotten the score he did without you.”

Students contact me, excited: “Matt, you’ll never believe it! Guess what I got on my test!”

I get texts all the time from students letting me know that they’re having a surge of the victim thoughts of “I’m not good enough,” or “I can’t do this,” or “My life is about to fall apart.” And they ask me to pray for them, to stand with them and get those attacks to go.

They ask me to pray on Friday night or Saturday morning before they head into their SAT test. My students know I’m here for anything. They can call me whenever they need help.

First Corinthians has a verse in chapter 4 that says, “You have many teachers (or guides, or literally TUTORS), but not many fathers.” This is exactly the life-changing work God has empowered me to do. You could find academic help anywhere. But you can’t find a coach who invests so much Spirit-enabled mentorship into you.

And this, like I said, actually leads to better all-around academic and life performance.

Whatever capacity you decide to work with me in, you will get premier academic coaching for your college entrance journey…


You will get a brand new way of viewing God, your life, and yourself. I will train you up in the gospel, showing you your true worth, that you are loved and worthy of attention, affirmation, and investment. I will show you how to kick those stinking lies to the curb. You know–the ones that play through your mind constantly telling you you’re not good enough. And I will connect you to the heart of God, showing you how to hear his voice and let him guide your path as you partner with him, taking initiative to change your life and your world around you.

It all sounds too good to be true, I know. Like having your cake and eating it too. Seriously? How can someone be an amazing SAT coach, a college essay master, AND a mentor who brings my spirit to life and helps set me on fire for Jesus?

The truth is, the gospel is too good to be true. And yet, it is quite true. In the Kingdom, it’s possible to have both … and … 

We are not stuck with either … or. 

What a pleasure it has been to watch Matt at work with our son! He is so impressive and knowledgeable. We interviewed 4 different tutors while looking for an instructor to help our son with the SATs. After all the interviews, my son and husband looked at me and said, “there is no comparison, no question…. Matt Hallock is the one”. His process for teaching the SAT test was very specific, with individual needs being addressed with each step. Matt was responsible and reliable and worked very well with our son. I would recommend Matt to ANY student or level. My son’s score increased by nearly 300 points!! THANK YOU MATT!!


SAT Parent

Matt has such a great sense of purpose and care for his subject and his students. He has the unique ability to instantly connect with his students and also able to meet them where they are. We are so impressed not only with his command of the material but presenting it in a way that not only makes it relevant, but gives all the kids’ purpose and meaning. He comes to every organization with our highest recommendation!

Mr. Fitz

H.S. Principal

Matt tutored my daughter. He is a fabulous tutor as well as a very nice person. It was a great experience for my daughter and she increased her total SAT score by 190 points.


SAT Parent

My son is a senior in high school and applying to several universities. After only several SAT tutoring sessions with Matt Hallock, he was able to increase his SAT score by 120 points with improvement in all three test areas. Matt Hallock is affirming, focused and patient. He was able to assess my son’s strengths and weaknesses quickly and foster confidence with sound advice and specific practice.


SAT Parent

One-on-One And Group Coaching Info

One-on-One Coaching

If you are looking for focused, individualized coaching or mentoring in any of these areas:

  • SAT or ACT or GRE prep
  • Planning, Brainstorming, and Writing your college essays (yes, all of them!)
  • Discerning a good path for your future, hearing God’s voice and learning HIS dreams for you
  • Any life crud that is bogging you down

…then my one-on-one coaching will be perfect for you.

What’s included?

  • Zoom video call coaching sessions
  • Free initial “Is this a good fit?” call
  • Regular parent communication
  • Access to archived Zoom recordings of tutoring sessions
  • Access to the More Than Standard online resource library
  • A mentor who cares a ton about you, prays regularly for you, and keeps praying until God answers.

Price: $100 per hour
(discount available for multiple sessions)

Average session length: 1.5 hours



Group boot camps take one of two forms. I periodically host local in-person classes at various schools around the country, especially in the California Bay Area (my home base). I also host online virtual boot camps. Boot camps include:


OVERCOME: College Essay Power Sessions

MORE THAN STANDARD: Mindset Reset Seminars


Prices vary, see individual class info for specifics


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Because the Father is good and full of abundant blessings toward you and me. And his kingdom is good, it is advancing, and you are worth it.

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