More Than Standard

I’m excited to show you how my More Than Standard SAT workshops in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and the South Bay have changed many students’ lives and how they can change YOUR life this Winter/Spring of 2020.  
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Empower Your High Schooler to: Overcome depression, low motivation, and low confidence; attack school/college apps/their future head-on with passion, joy, and purpose; and MASTER THE SAT TEST so it can’t stand in their way.
LEARN THE SIMPLE YET POWERFUL: DAVID AND GOLIATH BATTLE PLAN STRATEGY for each section of the SAT (Reading, Writing, Math, and Essay)
And learn how Jesus wants to meet your teen right where they are: He helps them defeat their test anxiety, their ADD/ADHD diagnosis, and their history of bad grades or low test scores. He steps into the college application, SAT testing, and future planning process…right there with them.

As a free thank you gift for jumping in and learning more about the More Than Standard SAT workshops, I’m going to give you my book of the same name.

The reviews so far are that this book is

  • Life-changing
  • A prophetic word for young people of our generation
  • WAY more than your average SAT book

The gospel message of value, honor, power, and transformation that’s in this book is going to rescue lives from hell’s grip. So it’s my joy to give it to you.

If you enjoy it, all I ask is that you let me know by getting in touch, let the world know by leaving a review, and let your friends know so they can also learn to walk as Conquerors.