Matt Hallock

High School Speaking Tour

Helping students wake up
to their extremely high value
and to write a new future,
no matter their past or their present.

When you invite Matt to speak:

Your students find new hope to overcome their pain and struggles, and to not quit in the face of opposition

Your students learn their potential to bring GOOD, LASTING change to the world, to change their atmosphere rather than be changed by it.

Your students discover that they MATTER, regardless of any performance, score, or achievement.

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Matt has such a great sense of purpose and care for students. He has the unique ability to instantly connect with [them] and also able to meet them where they are. We are so impressed not only with his command of his material but presenting it in a way that not only makes it relevant, but gives all the kids’ purpose and meaning. He comes to every organization with our highest recommendation!

Mr. Fitz

H.S. Principal

When Matt Hallock came to our school for a Spiritual Emphasis Week, he engaged us and the process with his whole heart; and it’s not like he just showed up for the gig. He sat down with us weeks in advance to hear our hearts He…customized the week with us and even helped us reflect after the week. Here are some things we learned about Matt in the process. He takes the right risks. He calls students…winsomely, gently, humbly, powerfully, and poetically. He avoids cliches…he is a wonderful storyteller, captivating even the skeptical student in the back row who can’t help but be won over by the sincerity with which Matt approaches everything — and everyone.

Mr. Talley

Spiritual Life Director, Monte Vista Christian High School

Matt Hallock has been very encouraging to the students. He has a gift in the way he relates to the students. The students really like Matt and look up to him. I highly recommend him.


College Entrance Counselor

Matt was able to connect with the students. As a school counselor, I appreciate when presenters/teachers are able to provide background info about themselves to better help the students become comfortable with who they are learning from; Matt did well with this! He introduced himself and the overall mindset that students should have.

Mr. S.

H.S. Guidance Counselor

[Matt] is a positive and inspiring person.


Mr Hallock is a wonderful and amazing example of possibility and positive character traits!