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From School Officials

Matt has such a great sense of purpose and care for his subject and his students. He has the unique ability to instantly connect with his students and also able to meet them where they are. We are so impressed not only with his command of the material but presenting it in a way that not only makes it relevant, but gives all the kids’ purpose and meaning. He comes to every organization with our highest recommendation!

Mr. Fitz

H.S. Principal, Trinity Christian High School

I have referred students to Matt Hallock Tutoring for years and the students, their families and myself have been very pleased with the results. The student’s overall grades improved in the subject they were tutored in. Matt Hallock has been very encouraging to the students. He has a gift in the way he relates to the students. The students really like Matt and look up to him. I have seen the student’s SAT scores improve after working with Matt and attending his SAT prep classes. I have been an College Admissions Counselor for 15 years in Santa Cruz area. I also work with students from every state. I have found Matt’s tutoring abilities to meet the student’s needs and I highly recommend him.


College Entrance Counselor

Matt was extremely patient in working with our school. There were portions when he had to wait for documents and paperwork to be processed, which he handled very well and gave us plenty of time to ensure they were completed. Academically, Matt was able to connect with the students. As a school counselor, I appreciate when presenters/teachers are able to provide background info about themselves to better help the students become comfortable with who they are learning from; Matt did well with this! He introduced himself and the overall mindset that students should have when preparing for the SAT before he began discussing the actual course content. I think this is an effective method that allows students to see that the SAT is not a typical exam and, in fact, is multifaceted, requiring more preparation than most exams.

Mr. S.

H.S. Guidance Counselor, Monterey High School

When Matt Hallock came to our school for a Spiritual Emphasis Week, he engaged us and the process with his whole heart; and it’s not like he just showed up for the gig. He sat down with us weeks in advance to hear our hearts — to seek the Lord and plan together. He prayerfully customized the week with us and even helped us reflect after the week. Here are some things we learned about Matt in the process. He takes the right risks. He calls students to Christ winsomely, gently, humbly, powerfully, and poetically. He avoids cliches. Like Christ, he is a wonderful storyteller, captivating even the skeptical student in the back row who can’t help but be won over by the sincerity with which Matt approaches everything — and everyone. He empties himself to be filled with Christ and and to make Christ known. Ultimately, Matt excels because he wants to be filled with the Spirit and cares more about making Christ known and adored than himself.


Director of Spiritual Development, Monte Vista Christian High School

From Parents

What a pleasure it has been to watch Matt at work with our son! He is so impressive and knowledgeable. We interviewed 4 different tutors while looking for an instructor to help our son with the SATs. After all the interviews, my son and husband looked at me and said, “there is no comparison, no question…. Matt Hallock is the one”. His process for teaching the SAT test was very specific, with individual needs being addressed with each step. Matt was responsible and reliable and worked very well with our son. I would recommend Matt to ANY student or level. My son’s score increased by nearly 300 points!! THANK YOU MATT!!


SAT Parent

[Matt] is a positive and inspiring person.


Our child has struggled for years in school due to dyslexia and dysgraphia.  The school system was not helpful in providing the skills he needed to succeed.  Matt was patient and took the time to understand how he learned.  Matt then taught him learning skills to be able to succeed while assisting him with math, reading and writing.  Our son has improved from “far below basic” to working at grade level.  Last quarter he received a 4.0 in 8th grade!  Matt is awesome and we have really enjoyed working with him.



My son is a senior in high school and applying to several universities. After only several SAT tutoring sessions with Matt Hallock, he was able to increase his SAT score by 120 points with improvement in all three test areas. Matt Hallock is affirming, focused and patient. He was able to assess my son’s strengths and weaknesses quickly and foster confidence with sound advice and specific practice.


SAT Parent

According to my daughter she feels that she is more equipped and prepared and will approach the test with less anxiety.


Matt was flexible and awesome to work with and helped our son a lot with his SAT prep!!


Matt tutored my daughter. He is a fabulous tutor as well as a very nice person. It was a great experience for my daughter and she increased her total SAT score by 190 points.


SAT Parent

I would highly recommend “Conquer the Test” with Matt Hallock. The 4 week session class prepared my daughter to take the test with confidence and less anxiety. According to her, Mr. Hallock was very attentive, caring and always willing to help and take the time necessary to answer her questions. As a parent, I was impressed that he took the time to send me a follow up email reporting on how my daughter did in the class and what he noticed about her personality and talents. He strikes me as a very spiritual and caring teacher who truly cares that your child will succeed in life. Overall “conquer the test” was an outstanding experience for my daughter and as a parent I am grateful and at ease knowing that she is well prepared for the SAT test.


Mr Hallock is a wonderful and amazing example of possibility and positive character traits!


Math has never come naturally to my youngest daughter, and she was really struggling in 5th grade. We enlisted Matt’s help about half way through the year and he really helped her to understand the process and her grades were pulled up considerable. I feel like she’s better prepared for middle school math, and we will likely be looking to Matt for his help throughout this school year again.



From Students

Matt helped me to increase my SAT score from a 1440 to a 1860! His sessions were well planned and he provided lots of great study materials. My reading and writing skills have improved considerably thanks to him.

Thanks Matt!



I have never been very good at math. I struggled through pre calculus, barely keeping my head up. With Matt Hallock’s help, I was able to pass the class! I don’t know that I could have without his help.

I also got his help on SAT prep for my second time on that test. He figured out where I needed the most help, prioritized accordingly, and helped me raise my scores in every area. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs help with either math or SAT and ACT prep. He’s wonderful.



I am a high-school senior and I took the SAT in may. After receiving my scores I wanted to gain at least an extra 100 points for the next SAT. After a few sessions I was able to increase my scores for all three areas at the october test. I achieved my goal of an extra 100 points and went a little bit beyond! Matt Hallock was effectively able to find my weak spots and show me ways to get better in those areas.



The class is very helpful and he gives you everything you need to succeed but it’s completely up to the student whether they decide to use the online resources in their free time. You get out what you put in.


It was very fun. I loved the experience with it only being two of us in the class, it felt very personal and one on one, in a sense. It provided a lot of help and guidance to how to truly conquer the SAT and I will use the methods when I take the test.