Apply for Your Workshop

This is a big commitment for both of us. And it’s far more than a business transaction. It’s the beginning of a coaching mentorship. So before registering, I’d like for you to apply by filling out this form.

Then at the bottom of this page, you’ll see several action steps. You can either schedule a zoom call with me or not. If not, I’ll contact you with the info you provide within 24 hours…

unless my wife goes into labor, that is. She’s due any day 🙂

Thank You For Your Application

What’s next?



Step One: We Talk

I will review your application and contact you within 24 hours so that we can touch base, get to know each other, and I’ll be able to share registration and payment details with you.

Alternate Step One: Schedule a Zoom Call

If you know that you’d like to talk over Zoom, you can schedule a call with me by clicking this button.

Step Two: Read

Between now and the next time we talk, I’d like for you and your student to both read part one of the book I sent your way, More Than Standard.

This will give you even more of a glimpse into my philosophy and prepare you to ask any questions that may arise.

Step Three: Tell someone

If you think that someone you know would benefit from working with me at More Than Standard by joining a workshop and the Training Institute…or if you know someone who needs to read the book. Would you tell them about it? If you refer a friend who attends one of the listed workshops this spring, I’ll discount your registration cost.

Shareable link for the workshops:

Shareable link for the book:

Step Four: Complete your registration

After we talk, I’ll send you links that you can use to submit payment and complete your registration. You’ll then have access to the online Training Institute.